Technology Is the Culprit Killing Sleep

One of the things that you can do right now, which will improve your sleep is remove technology from your life just 30 minutes to 1 hour before you go to bed. You’ll find in very short order that the technology you are using is causing you to be more aroused and anxious than if you were to turn off these devices. Although a quick check of the cell phone before going to bed isn’t the worst thing in the world, you probably want to make sure that you are getting rid of the technology as best as you can.

Some people wait for hours at night sitting on the computer watching videos and continually finding things to keep them busy. While it seems like a good idea at a time, in reality it is not something that is good for your health. Sleep is important and even if you are sleeping fine after using technological products, you are going to find a better sleep quality when you don’t.

For some people, this means that you need to just put down the cell phone and for others it means putting away every piece of technology that might distract your attention. Some people even like to put on glasses called “blue blockers” which will remove the light from certain wavelengths late at night. This helps to regulate the hormones a little bit more effectively so that you aren’t struggling with your sleep.
No matter what, getting improved sleep quality is going to be a big benefit for you. If you are tired of waking up groggy and wishing you had a few more hours (no matter how much you slept!) then this is one of the best options that doesn’t cost a dime.

Most people don’t want to believe this is the case. Many Wall Street execs and people in sme loans industries find that they want all the time on their email / phone as possible. Even if it seems like it helps with work, as we have shown, it does not.

Tips for Older College Students

It is pretty scary that after a long break from the four walls of the classroom, you are finally back to finish college, surrounded by future petroleum engineers and Nobel prize winning brain surgeons. But what seems an intimidating thing may not be at all. Here are great tips that can help you achieve above the average grades and gain respect from your classmates and instructors:

Experience is the best thing you’ll ever get. And the more you have of it, the better. Use your age to your advantage and share your experiences that are related to the topic inside the classroom. It’s a fun way to participate in class and also a very creative and smart way to keep the discussion going. Instructors love students who are very active in class, and with all the back up experiences you have, there’s no doubt you’ll earn the respect and high grades that you deserve.

Get involved in school activities. May it be an internship, mentoring, student counseling or a position on the school newspaper, it’s great to let yourself out there and be known. And since you have a lot of experience, it shouldn’t be that hard to be active in some school activities. Not only will you be more connected to your fellow students, such activities will look very good on your resume too.

Lead your way to an A. What better way to share your work experiences than to use it in school? With all the experience you have, it may have helped you develop some amazing leadership skills. Using such skills will surely give you a grade as high as an A.
Nootropics will give your brain a chance to compete with younger guys whose bodies are full of beer and brains are full of fog. With smart drugs (see the rest of this site for more info) you’ll be fresher and more ready to learn than your supposedly nimble, agile, younger classmates.

Another way to be successful is to get involved in competitions. Most colleges are into competitions, and your experience should be enough to be able to put you in a position where you can win most contests. Some colleges have mentoring or student counseling volunteers which you can also actively participate in, depending on your previous career(s). These things give you a chance to pass down your success tips to younger students, and at the same time put more meaningful content on your resume.

If these tips aren’t enough, you can find more from our good friends at Petroleum Ninja. There are also some colleges that have academics especially for returning college students that will equip you with the necessary tools for your success. You can also discuss with some college admissions or academics counselors if you still feel uncomfortable and nervous.

How Does Play Increase Creativity?

These days there are many movements in the health and fitness world and one of them is to incorporate more play into your life. That’s right, the things that you used to do as a child are now supposed to be accessible as an adult and it shouldn’t be any other way. The reason play is so important (or one of the reasons anyway), is because it is a huge boon to creativity. There are many different examples of this in your own life, but plenty of successful people note the same thing.

Playing could mean doing a practice like AcroYoga or might be as simple as a local co-ed kickball team. You can play catch with friends or just walk around the park and have a good experience that way. Either way, creativity is boosted with the help of play.

When you play, neurological connections are being formed in your brain. These connections offer a number of advantages when we are kids and even when we become adults. Even though people don’t realize it, adults need play in order to stay creative and innovative. That is why origami experts have found out how to build satellites in space, devices that help with surgery, and a wide variety of others.

In fat, one of the greatest innovators of our time, Elon Musk, has spoken openly about feeling that rockets are really just a puzzle that can be put together and played with. So far he has done a tremendous job of putting the puzzle pieces together and most people would consider him one of the most successful people on the planet. The key to his success has been this mindset of play that is so important for modern humans and westerners especially.

White or Brown Rice?

There are many people who debate the type of rice that is healthiest and there are fair arguments for both sides. If you are trying to achieve certain goals, you might find that white rice is a better and more healthy options. For other people, you can find brown rice to be better. Either way, the two options are found across the globe and continue to be some of the most popular foodstuffs that is currently used. Although there are many types of grains and filler carbs (like potatoes, pasta, and bread) used around the world, rice is perhaps the healthiest.

Compared to many of the other large, cheap, filler carbohydrates that are used worldwide, rice is free from any gluten. This means that there are usually few problems with inflammation like there are when people eat too much bread or pasta in their diet. Still, people have the question of whether the brown or white rice options are best. In general, it is safe to look for brown rice because it has more fiber and nutrients. Actually, brown rice also has a large amount of protein, which is important for vegans and vegetarians especially.

When it comes to eating a Paleo style diet, some people like the white sticky rice. Some have similar dietary troubles with the brown rice because the husk might have some proteins that are not well digested by humans. While this is even rarer than gluten intolerance, it is a problem that you might have. Whatever the case may be, if you are trying to lose fat on a diet, it is important that you consider how many carbs are in rice. White rice is especially heavy in carbs because it has less water retention and it is less fibrous. Choose wisely when you are debating your rice choice depending on your needs.