How Does Play Increase Creativity?

These days there are many movements in the health and fitness world and one of them is to incorporate more play into your life. That’s right, the things that you used to do as a child are now supposed to be accessible as an adult and it shouldn’t be any other way. The reason play is so important (or one of the reasons anyway), is because it is a huge boon to creativity. There are many different examples of this in your own life, but plenty of successful people note the same thing.

Playing could mean doing a practice like AcroYoga or might be as simple as a local co-ed kickball team. You can play catch with friends or just walk around the park and have a good experience that way. Either way, creativity is boosted with the help of play.

When you play, neurological connections are being formed in your brain. These connections offer a number of advantages when we are kids and even when we become adults. Even though people don’t realize it, adults need play in order to stay creative and innovative. That is why origami experts have found out how to build satellites in space, devices that help with surgery, and a wide variety of others.

In fat, one of the greatest innovators of our time, Elon Musk, has spoken openly about feeling that rockets are really just a puzzle that can be put together and played with. So far he has done a tremendous job of putting the puzzle pieces together and most people would consider him one of the most successful people on the planet. The key to his success has been this mindset of play that is so important for modern humans and westerners especially.

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