How Soviet Scientists Changed Your Brain (If You Let it)

In 1963 a Romanian scientist synthesized a drug that was similar to the brain chemical GABA. He determined that this synthetic compound would probably help to improve the memory formation that people were so desperately in need of. Most of the people who would benefit from his work were elderly and already struggling with diseases like Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

Today, his discovery has made huge changes in the world that we currently live in. The drug that he developed in this crucial time was piracetam. For many people, it was a drug that was filled with many different benefits for learning ability and memory formation.

Soviet Scientists and Drugs for Enhancement

The piracetam drug that this Romanian scientist developed was not the only thing that was created. For the most part, people who were using piracetam found that it was just the tip of the iceberg. While it lead to many changes and discoveries in the world of cognition, it was one of the weakest of the drugs. Below we are going to provide a more comprehensive list of drugs that were developed by the Soviet Union that might be able to help you.


This is a nootropic that was designed for Russian cosmonauts in order to help them to achieve an easier experience when going into space. The vast majority of people who currently use phenibut as a smart drug do so for anti-anxiety benefits. Many people who are using the drug find that it can be a powerful tool on par with something like alcohol or other related drugs.

The only problem with phenibut is that it is easy to grow a tolerance to the drug and there are many people who suffer from a phenibut withdrawal problem after they are done. If you are using something like 250 – 500 mg of phenibut then you should be fine, but try not to use it every day so that you don’t have any problems with phenibut.


This is part of the racetam family (same line of drugs as piracetam), but it is a more potent and less bioavailable option. You’ll find that many people who use aniracetam are able to increase both their memory formation and learning ability while at the same time influencing concentration and focus. This is a major two-for-one benefit that most drugs do not come with.

Aniracetam is also relatively safe. People who are using the drug find that it is a useful tool for improving performance and has a host of other benefits as well. It even can reduce anxiety if you use it in the right way.


If you want something that is made for stimulation and makes a big difference for your cognitive performance, phenylpiracetam is the way to go. This is going to help you to improve the quality of your concentration and focus so you can work on the things that you need to do without a lot of interruptions and distractions.

The only problem with phenylpiracetam is that sometimes it can build a tolerance as well. You might want to keep this in mind as you use this drug. Don’t use it on a daily basis and maybe switch with your caffeine products throughout the week to have the best results.

If you can use the drugs we have outlined in this post, you are going to be a lot better off. The Romanian and Soviet scientists who developed these drugs are legends to a whole host of people who are currently living and working in Silicon Valley to produce a much better and more advanced way of enhancing their cognitive abilities.