White or Brown Rice?

There are many people who debate the type of rice that is healthiest and there are fair arguments for both sides. If you are trying to achieve certain goals, you might find that white rice is a better and more healthy options. For other people, you can find brown rice to be better. Either way, the two options are found across the globe and continue to be some of the most popular foodstuffs that is currently used. Although there are many types of grains and filler carbs (like potatoes, pasta, and bread) used around the world, rice is perhaps the healthiest.

Compared to many of the other large, cheap, filler carbohydrates that are used worldwide, rice is free from any gluten. This means that there are usually few problems with inflammation like there are when people eat too much bread or pasta in their diet. Still, people have the question of whether the brown or white rice options are best. In general, it is safe to look for brown rice because it has more fiber and nutrients. Actually, brown rice also has a large amount of protein, which is important for vegans and vegetarians especially.

When it comes to eating a Paleo style diet, some people like the white sticky rice. Some have similar dietary troubles with the brown rice because the husk might have some proteins that are not well digested by humans. While this is even rarer than gluten intolerance, it is a problem that you might have. Whatever the case may be, if you are trying to lose fat on a diet, it is important that you consider how many carbs are in rice. White rice is especially heavy in carbs because it has less water retention and it is less fibrous. Choose wisely when you are debating your rice choice depending on your needs.

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